Code of Conduct

AGIB Real Estate is a leading operator in the real estate market in Europe, using rental agreements to manage an extensive area of prime office space located in outstanding buildings in the business districts of Madrid and Berlin.

Having been active in the market since 1959, the company enjoys a well-founded reputation for the quality of service provided to top-tier clients.

AGIB Real Estate is sensitive to legal compliance and responsible commercial behaviour, and wishes to make its stance explicit by adopting a Code of Conduct aimed at reassuring clients, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders of its unwavering commitment to these goals and purposes.


The directors and staff of AGIB Real Estate must act with personal and professional integrity in a respectful and dignified manner.

All persons acting on behalf of and working for AGIB Real Estate are required to meet the highest expectations of:

  • loyalty to AGIB Real Estate;
  • good faith at all times;
  • excellence and reliability of performance;
  • avoidance and immediate disclosure of any actual or potential conflicts of interest;
  • compliance with the law; and,
  • honest management and probity in handling funds pertaining to AGIB Real Estate, its clients and/or suppliers.


AGIB Real Estate is particularly observant of the strict prohibition against bribing government authorities and civil servants at any level or jurisdiction. No employee may give to or receive from a third party any undue payment, whether in cash or in kind, outside the bounds of normally accepted corporate and social norms and practices.

AGIB Real Estate abides by the principles of fair market competition and strongly instructs its staff to act accordingly. 

AGIB Real Estate undertakes to comply with all legal provisions and regulations applicable to its activity in any jurisdiction and is committed to fulfilling all requirements or conditions connected therewith. AGIB Real Estate pursues transparency and is willing to disclose information as and when legally required, subject in all cases to its strong commitment to and respect for customer confidentiality.


AGIB Real Estate shall not undertake or shall terminate any relationship with a business partner or client involved in misconduct or malfeasance of any type, manner or form, and will be especially severe in cases of corruption, bribery, money laundering or like modes of behaviour or action. 

AGIB Real Estate seeks to do business by pursuing a customer-oriented policy aimed at permanently co-operating with clients to ensure satisfaction of their needs.

 AGIB Real Estate believes in collaborating with business partners and suppliers on a “win-win basis”, with the purpose of establishing enduring commercial relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, constantly striving to improve the quality of service provided. Appointment and selection shall be based on impartial and objective criteria, with the emphasis placed on adequacy, efficiency, capacity and economic conditions.


The staff of AGIB Real Estate must act in accordance with the demands of transparency, furnishing accurate, truthful and detailed information when so required. When it comes to the promotion of equal opportunities and respect for the diversity of its staff, AGIB Real Estate is committed to the highest standards, and seeks to co-operate with likeminded business parties that are similarly committed. Accordingly, selection of personnel will be based on merit and capability.

AGIB Real Estate deems a healthy and safe working environment to be of essential relevance, in the context of a policy of zero tolerance towards discrimination of any type based on personal, physical or social traits or circumstances.


AGIB Real Estate pays special attention to the environment, and is at the forefront of advances in intelligent, sustainable and energy-efficient construction, refurbishment and management as applied to its buildings and rental spaces.