Our Mission

Total commitment to building excellence.

Each and every AGIB Real Estate project reflects our passion for real estate of outstanding quality, in terms of design, construction, location and sustainable returns. And each building has its own proud personality -its architecture, its historical context and its purpose.

For AGIB Real Estate, each property should be a work of art, and one that is maintained, managed and enhanced over time with skill and care.

Our Focus

From Madrid to Berlin.

AGIB Real Estate has been an active player in the Madrid property market through its subsidiary Infinorsa since 1974, and in Berlin since the beginning of the new millennium. Local, autonomous subsidiaries manage and develop each building to ensure it performs to its full potential.

AGIB Real Estate invests for the long term, and lays emphasis on reliable, secure cash flows and lasting relationships with tenants and customers.

Our Portfolio

A stylish blend of tradition and innovation.

AGIB Real Estate has been in the business of real estate -its maintenance, management and ongoing development- for over fifty years. Our investments are always long-term and forward-looking in nature and philosophy. As a result, our portfolio is entirely composed of prime properties in the very best locations in dynamic centres of business and commerce.


+ 125,000 sqm in offices
+200 direct and indirect employees
+ 17,000 sqm in retail
11 category A prime assets
+140 tenants
+1,500 parking spaces